CCRMC frequently arrange field trips to rock collection areas and mines - or participate in field trips arranged by the CFMS or AFMS. Some are day trips, other are overnighters, either with a nearby hotel/motel, or where a camper or tent is required.


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Pisgah Crater and the Cady Mountains

March 11, 2017

himalaya trip

Himalaya Mine trip

June 21 & June 22, 2010

Stoddard Wells !

April 29th & 30th

(copy/paste from "Rockhound Rambling" the newsletter of the Pasadena Lapadary Society)

Duration: Saturday and Sunday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. It is only about a 1- 1⁄2 hour drive from Pasadena and there is a fair amount to be collected! A potluck or a run into a Victorville restaurant will be planned for Saturday night. And later, weather permitting, a campfire back at the camp.

Material: There is jade, verde antique marble, blue dolomite, soapstone, tri colored marble and other collectibles in the area.

Bring: Bring all the usual things like a hat, sunglasses, lunch, sunscreen, water, rock hammer, a bag to put rock into and dress in layers. April can still be cool in the morning and quite warm in the afternoon and downright cold at night.

Overnight options: It is close enough that a day trip is easy to do. However, camping offers unique opportunities such as seeing the sunrise that can only be enjoyed while camping. Desert sunsets can be spectacular after a day of collecting and exploring. At night seeing the stars in the sky is absolutely fantastic, you probably didn’t realize just how many stars can be seen when the city lights are dim.

Camping at the site of the Tailgate Mineral Show is actually quite nice. And for non-campers Victorville offers lots of lodging possibilities - even a close-by Motel 6.

Safety: Snakes have already come out because of the warm weather. The common sense things are not putting your hands where you can’t see or not walking between two large bushes because it is a place snakes like to lurk. Dress in loose jeans or pants and wear boots that provide ankle support. And, of course, be aware and look carefully at your surroundings. It’s all about being careful and still having fun.

More details, maps and directions are posted on the web site and will be available at the April Program Meeting. Watch your email and the web site for any change in plans. I hope to see you out there!

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Joe Goetz

Pasadena Lapidary Society

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