Monday July 9, 7:30pm
Multi-Purpose Room
Culver City Veterans Memorial


An illustrated talk by Jim Mills

Jim Mills - specimen ridge






If you have ever wondered how wood can turn to stone this lecture will provide the answers. Learn which minerals can petrify wood, how minerals enter the wood cells, where the minerals come from and how they migrate to the wood. Find out the types of geologic strata most likely to yield petrified wood for collectors and the origins of color in fossilized wood. This program will be aimed at the casual collector and amateur level so you need not be a graduate scientist to follow the discussion.

Jim Mills is a graduate of UCLA’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department and he joined the US Air Force as an intelligence officer soon after graduating. He served in Europe, Asia and Central America as well as domestic bases around the nation, eventually retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

In his second career, Jim worked for the National Park Service. It was a good match – the first national parks were related to interesting geology; fumaroles and hot springs at Yellowstone and the glacial features at Yosemite. In fact the very first National Monument was the Petrified Forest in New Mexico, set aside by Teddy Roosevelt in 1908 – actually eight years prior to legislation that established the National Park Service to administer the nation’s treasures.

Jim is a member of the Santa Lucia Rockhounds and an avid collector of petrified wood. Along with his spouse, Beth Myers, he also operates a small Internet business selling petrified wood and plant fossils to collectors and museums around the world.

Ken Rogers
Program Chair

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