Monday August 13, 7:30pm
Multi-Purpose Room
Culver City Veterans Memorial

Iris Agates

An illustrated presentation by Jason Badgley

iris agate 1




Jason discusses iris agates, what are they, how they are formed, where they are found, how to recognize, observe and photograph them. He will show us how he cuts and polishes them and we’ll see wonderful examples of iris agate.

Iris agate can be found throughout the world: USA, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia and more. In Southern California, iris agate locals include: Acton, Malibu, Nipomo, the Owls Head Mountains and the Little Chuckawalas. It can form in nodules, seams, amygdals, wood casts and more. Learn how to search for iris agate rough, and how to recognize its special characteristics .

Jason will describe the best ways to view the iris phenomena and how to photograph it. He will show us videos showing the delicate way he polishes thin slices of Iris Agate on his ‘bull wheel’ and flat lap.

About Jason Badgley
Jason belongs to several West Coast lapidary societies and has displayed his work at various shows and fairs. He has won numerous awards for his workmanship including CFMS shows, and a “Best in Show” ribbon at the L.A. County Fair. His work appears in books and websites and he’s given numerous presentations on local collecting. Through research he has located some of the best potential collecting sites and leads club and personal collecting trips. He sells and trades specimens worldwide. Jason also volunteers as a docent for the Malibu Creek State Park.

Ken Rogers
Program Chair

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