Monday July 10 - 7:30pm
Multi-Purpose Room
Culver City Veterans Memorial

Rockhounding in Hell! :

Collecting Minerals on Active Volcanoes in


Internationally known expert and collector of rare minerals, Alfredo Petrov will present “Rockhounding in Hell: Collecting Minerals on Active Volcanoes in

Petrov was born and attended elementary school in England; high school in Ethiopia; college in Beirut, Lebanon, and San Diego; and graduated with a degree
in geology from San Diego State.

He deals minerals at 16 shows every year in Japan, Europe and the United States and currently works in the mineral department of Jewel Tunnel Imports in Baldwin Park.

Petrov also writes for numerous publications including Rocks and Minerals, Mineralogical Record, Mineral News, and Lapis.

In his spare time, Alfredo translates mineralogical literature into English for the website and leads mineral collecting tours to exotic destinations
such as Bolivia, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Japan.

Petrov is a dealer at our Fiesta of Gems, July 8 and 9

Future Meetings

  • July 10: Alfredo Petrov: "Rockmining from Hell: Collecting Minerals On Active Volcanos in Japan"
  • August 14: Brad Smith: Simplified Casting

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