Monday, September 9 at 7:30 pm
Multi-Purpose Room
Culver City Veterans Memorial


Prersented by Jack Hobart

Copper Agate

Copper Agate 2

Copper Agate 3

Jack Hobart

Fifteen years ago, the agate community became aware of spectacular agates from a few 100-year- old mine tailings. They are unique in the world of agates, full of exotic minerals including crystals, geodes and even chlorastrolite, Michigan’s state gem. However, the feature that makes them so special is the occurrence of pure copper in the form of particles, masses, and most important: banding which can fill the entire agate nodule. Some even have agate bands etched within solid masses of copper. Others have pure silver
areas within them. Eye agates abound, often with patterns and inclusions not seen in any other agates. Mineral nodules coexist with these agates, featuring complex crystal growths, some even growing into regions that are now pure copper.

The talk will feature closeup images from the largest collection of these agates. It now numbers about 10,000 images, mostly comprised of cut pairs.

Jack Hobart is a physicist who spent a career in Aerospace systems engineering, including nuclear weapon effects, advanced weapon systems, space and missile system defense, and concealment technology. For 40 years, he has also photographed geysers and exploding mudpots in Yellowstone, the
Salton Sea, and throughout the world. About 20 years ago, he starting collecting and compiling closeup images of Mexican fire opals, Lake Su-
perior agates, and the rare copper agates from the Keeweenaw in Northern Michigan. Each of these three compilations now numbers about 10,000 high resolution images.

He has published seven photo-filled books about these subjects, including one
introducing copper agates and another about copper eye agates. Four more books about copper agates have been compiled, but not yet published. These
are the only books about this fascinating subject.

Jack’s biography and excerpts from his collection are also included in the book,
Agates III

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