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  • Club Meeting – April 8, 2024

    Club Meeting – April 8, 2024

    7:30 PM Zoom Meeting: Metalsmithing Presentation – How to Make a Ring Presented by JEFF FULKERSON Award-winning artist Jeff Fulkerson will walk us through the steps to create a cabochon ring with a castellated bezel and give us tips along the way to make your ring-making experience smoother. Artist Jeff Fulkerson, M.A., has been creating…

  • Nugget – March 2024

  • Club Meeting – March 11, 2024

    Club Meeting – March 11, 2024

    7:30 PM IN-PERSON Membership Meeting – Ice Cream Social VETERANS MEMORIAL MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM Join us Monday, March 11 at 7:30 pm, in the Multi-purpose Room in the Veterans Memorial Complex, where you can indulge in ice cream and cookies while reuniting with members you haven’t seen in eons and meeting some new members. Vegans, don’t…

  • Club Meeting – February 12, 2024

    7:30 PM IN-PERSON Pre-Spring Show ‘N Tell and Silent Auction VETERANS MEMORIAL MULTIPURPOSE ROOM Today, Ground Hog Day, Punxsutawney Phil called for an early spring this year, so we feel it is okay to call this month’s meeting Pre-Spring, and we totally ignore that Punxsutawney Phil is only correct forty- some-odd percent of the time.…

  • Nugget – February 2024

  • Club Meeting – January 8, 2024

    Club Meeting – January 8, 2024

    7:30 PM Zoom Meeting: Mentor/Apprentice Program Presented by Nanz Aalund We are delighted to welcome Nanz Aalund as our January program presenter. Nanz has worn many hats and received countless awards in the jewelry industry. She will guide us through the mentor/apprentice program she developed for MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, Inc.). Nanz…

  • Nugget – January 2024

  • Nugget – December 2023

  • Club Meeting – November 13, 2023

    Club Meeting – November 13, 2023

    7:15 PM Zoom Meeting: Did You Get a Great Cabochon? Presented by Lesley Aine McKeown When you go to a gem show, there are thousands of cabochons to choose from. Sometimes one or more “speaks” to you and out comes the credit card. But did you choose the right cab? Lesley Aine McKeown will take…

  • Nugget – November 2023