Club Meeting – January 9, 2023

7:30 PM
Zoom Meeting

Fluorite – The World’s Most Colorful Mineral

presented by Dick Weber

Due to a spectacular range of colors and well developed crystals, this mineral is highly sought after by collectors. Clear and colorless when pure, fluorite can exhibit every color of the spectrum from the deepest purple to bright oranges and reds. In addition to its aesthetic and scientific value, fluorite is a critical industrial mineral used in the production of thousands of commercial products.

Dick Weber was first introduced to the fluorite deposits of the Mississippi Valley while working on his geology degree. Actively collecting specimens for the last
20 years, he will showcase pieces from famous locales that are in his collection.

Dick is a retired exploration geologist and mineral collector. Since retiring, he and his wife, Mary Pat, have traveled the world and have produced many
wonderful programs.

Dick received his education in Minnesota and has a Masters Degree in Geology
from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Along with his wife, Mary Pat, they
have produced and presented numerous programs aimed at Rockhounds, Earth
Sciences enthusiasts, geologists, and the curious.

The Webers have given numerous programs to our club over the past 10 years and displayed some of their mineral collection at our shows. Dick is a past President and long time member of the Conejo Gem and Mineral Club in Thousand Oaks.

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