Club Meeting – July 11, 2022

7:30 PM (Pacific)
Zoom Virtual Meeting

Tiny Minerals With a Big Surprise

This program will show the future of mineral collecting, the use of modern technology, and minerals that are measured in centimeters not pounds. Where can you find your micro minerals? I will demonstrate how to cut, shape, and mount the minerals. These discarded pieces of minerals will come to life under a microscope. Micromounting brings out the true artist in every Rockhound and mineral collector. You will experience a hand on session of creating a Micromount. You will see how Micromounting is the future of mineral collecting.

Rudy Lopez: I started collecting minerals in the early 80’s. I am Rockhound, Mineral collector, Lapidarist and Mi-cromounter. As a Lapidarist I enjoy using my cabbing machines. I have given live cabbing demonstrations, geode cutting and mineral demonstrations for teachers at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and OC Parks. I have participated in the Urban Festival at the Natural History Museum for the past 10 years and The Cooper Center Prehistoric OC for the past 7 years.

I have been member of MSSC for 16 years. Presently I am the Programs and Education Coordinator. I became addicted to Micromounting in 1999, when I attended my first Pacific Micromount Conferences. My collection contains 3000 micromounts. I have been a coordinator of the MSSC Annual Pacific Micromount Conference since 2005.

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