Club Meeting – June 12, 2023

7:30 PM
In Person + Zoom Meeting:

Do You See What I See?

Presented by Ken Rogers

Ken Rogers will guide us through some of the amazing images in his “Louvre de Roches” collection.

There are many beautiful pictures and images hidden away inside numerous regular rocks and gemstones. These wonderful treasures are just waiting to be discovered.

Ken has cut open various mundane stones and discovered their hidden treasures. Some of these beautiful images look like an Ansel Adams photograph, and others look like a painting hanging in the Louvre. These wonderful images include faces, animals, people, plants/flowers, landscapes (desert, aquatic, & outer space scenes,) and much more. Over time, he has learned that finding these “treasures” has a lot to do with the “The luck of the cut.” It must be “The luck of the cut,” because there are several conditions that must be in place for the rock to give up its “treasures.” When cutting open the rock, the slice must be at the correct angle, and along the image’s plane, (and do it without X-Ray vision.) And, most of all, there must be a “treasure” buried within the rock! Most are “duds.”

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The Veteran’s Memorial Multi-Purpose Room is in the back of the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium Building. When entering the parking lot from Culver Blvd. (closest to Overland Blvd.), walk to the right when facing the building. Around the corner is a sign leading to the Multi-Purpose Room, where our meetings are held.