Club Meeting – March 13, 2023

7:30 PM
Zoom Meeting

European Museum Collections – Exquisite minerals, gems and jewelry

Presented by Denise Nelson

GIA Grad. – Jewelry Designer/Appraiser Worldwide Gem Mine Explorer Denise’s presentation provides for us a glimpse at the lesser known, yet stunningly exquisite mineral, gem and jewelry exhibits in European museums. Trier, Freiberg, Munich and Ehrbach in Germany, York in England, and the spectacular collections in Vienna, Austria, are some of the places which hold both ancient and modern treasures from around the globe. This whirlwind tour, with the stories of people and places and even a bit of history, is filled with surprising information and lots of colorful glitter. Denise Nelson has worked in the Jewelry trade for over 35 years and is the owner of INNER CIRCLE ® Fine Jewelry Designs and Appraisals. She is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and a recipient of the Diamond Council of America’s Gem and Diamond Certificates. She has contributed to published articles, participated in Gemological research projects, and served as a consultant to retailers, auction houses, marketing firms, and private collectors. Her worldwide travel to major trade shows and gem-mines in Brazil, Thailand, Namibia, South Africa, Germany, Canada and the United States have provided her with the opportunity to import and wholesale gems, pearls and fine jewelry, as well as gather firsthand information about mining practices and new discoveries.

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