Club Meeting – November 13, 2023

7:15 PM
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Did You Get a Great Cabochon?

Presented by Lesley Aine McKeown

When you go to a gem show, there are thousands of cabochons to choose from. Sometimes one or more “speaks” to you and out comes the credit card. But did you choose the right cab? Lesley Aine McKeown will take you through the steps of getting a great one. Will the stone hold up to the abuse it will get if you buy or make it for a fingering? Will it catch the light correctly? Is it made to avoid chipping when you set it? Is it cut and polished the best way? The presentation will also benefit you immensely if you cut and polish your own stones.

Lesley Aine McKeown has been creating jewelry since 1984, she is the daughter of two professional artists. An artistically rich environment that molded her vision and ethic. Lesley’s jewelry reflects a dedication to excellence in craft and attention to narrative. Each piece is unique to evoke conversation and represent the wearer’s personal expression.

Using low-tech traditional metal smithing techniques and tools, each piece is created in Lesley’s studio in the tradition of the American Studio Art Jewelry movement of the 1940s through the ‘60s, which dictates that the work is created entirely in the artist’s studio. Her work is hand-fabricated in precious metals, sterling, high- carat gold, designer cabochons, and gemstones.

Lesley lives and works in the high desert mountains of northern Arizona.

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