Club Meeting – September 11, 2023

7:30 PM
In Person Meeting:

Diamond Crystals: Types, History, Sources, Current Issues

Presented by Renée NEWMAN –

Diamonds were discovered in California in 1849 by early prospectors panning for gold. This was about 18 years before the discovery of diamonds in South Africa. Besides briefly indicating the types of diamond crystals found in California, Renée’s presentation will include images and information on:

  • Where you can find diamonds in the U. S.
  • What American diamonds look like in the rough in order to help you spot them while prospecting and rockhounding.
  • The five basic diamond crystal types and their relative value from highest priced to lowest priced.
  • Briefly the most important diamond sources beginning with India and ending with Canada.
  • The most significant discoveries of rough diamond crystals
  • De Beers’ new program to help artisanal miners sell diamonds ethically that are traceable from mine to market.

The Veteran’s Memorial Multi-Purpose Room is in the back of the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium Building. When entering the parking lot from Culver Blvd. (closest to Overland Blvd.), walk to the right when facing the building. Around the corner is a sign leading to the Multi-Purpose Room, where our meetings are held.