The 2021 Fiesta of Gems has not been scheduled yet
due to the Coronavirus.

We look forward to seeing you when we resume

The dealers listed below were our 2019 dealers




Alfredo Petrov

Ugly rare minerals, natural rock and mineral specimens, Geologist and Explorer.


Ariana Gems & Minerals

Rough Rubies, Emeralds, Peridot, Tourmaline, Lapis, Heliodor, Golden Beryl, Diamond, Quartz, Lapis beads.


Art by Linda Queally

Cultured pearls, gems and minerals from Mexico such as Fire Opal and Amethyst, art jewelry and mermaid items. Photography, prints, and canvas painting

Art of Jewelry, The

Unusual and rare gemstones, cut stones, semi-precious stone carvings, and designer jewelry.


Buddha Gems and Minerals

Mine direct minerals and specimens from the Himalayas and Nepal. Rocks and minerals from Nepal including Chlorite Quartz, Aquamarine, Sapphire, and Ruby.


Cam's Crystal Gallery

Spetacular crystal and mineral specimens.


Crystal Habitats

A variety of hand-crafted new-age and metaphysical goods as well as mineral specimens.


Crystal Monster

Mineral specimens, fossils, gemstones, stone carvings, stone spheres, beads, and jewelry.


Cut That Agate

Petrified wood, rough Agate. slabs, polished Agates and Earth Science educational products and youth learning tools


Dragon Minerals

Mineral specimens and related items.


Empire Gems International

Mine direct minerals from Pakistan, mineral specimens, rough gemstones, beads, faceted gems, and jewelry.


Gabriel Mosesson jewelry

Ethiopian Opal, rough Opal, Emerald, polished Opal specimens, Opal jewelry.


Fossils Inc

Fossils, minerals

Ken Gard

Master Lapidary specializing in Opal; Australian, Welo and Fire Opals. High grade cabochons, slabs and rough

Gardner's Claim

A source for indoor and outdoor plants and succulents at exceptional prices.  A portion of the proceeds benefit local schools and senior programs.


Gem Tree Creations by Ferdie

Handmade Gem Trees and supplies.


Geode Treasure Hunt

Is or isn't there crystals - george cutting. A portion of the proceeds benefit local schools and senior programs.


Gerard Pope Gems and Jewelry

Gemsrones. mineral speciments, jewelry.


Grab Bag Gulch

Bargain priced bags of tumble polished precious and semi precious stones. A portion of the proceeds benefit local schools and senior programs.


Jade Shaper

California Jade & Big Sur Nephrite Jade, rough, carved, slabs, sculpture and artisan jewelry


JBL Minerals

Natural Turquoise rough, ans quality South West minerals.

John Fasana Minerals
Mineral specimens from around the world.

JPK Studio

Han wrought silver jewelry, cabochons, and stone slabs.


Lasco Diamond Products, Inc.

Rotary tools, carving diamond burs, diamond drills, diamond core drills, polishing grits and other rotary tools for lapidary and jewelry.
Laser Art Glass Corp
California Mine owners, Petrified wood, dichroic minerals, mineral specimens, Tourmaline and Pegmatites from California.

Library Walk

An eclectic source of magazines and books covering hobbies such as photography, cooking, arts and crafts, gems and minerals, as well as fiction and non-fiction novels. Bargain priced and a portion of the proceeds benefit local schools and senior programs.


Majesta A-Z Jewelry Supply

Jewelry chain, findings, Ameritool Dealer, tools, bezels, sheet, vendor supplies, Amethyst.


Mayer Morchy & Associates

Precious and semi precious loose gemstones, Finish and semi mount jewelry in god and silver. Minerals and specimens, including wide selection of "gemmy" rough rock. Great selection of tourmaline, both cut and raw.

Prentiss Campbell

Facet rough, cabbing material, Australian Opal, cut stones, jade and Mineral Specimens


PT Creations

Designer cabochons, semi precious lapidary slabs, artisan jewelry


Rock N Spheres

Spheres cut and made in California, high quality slabs, Bismuth, Amethyst and mineral specimens.



Mine direct Malachite, mineral specimens, carvings, beads, Pearls, Amethyst and gift items.


Star Struck Meteoritics

Meteorites and Meteorite Jewelry, Rare, Precious and Exotic Goods and Materials


Todd Schowalter Fossils

Fossils, minerals, carvings, handmade jewelry.


Tourmaline Source

Natural gemstones, faceted, cabochons for jewelry making, Tourmaline, Quartz crystals, mineral specimens, handmade jewelry.


Wonder Works

Minerals, fossils, beads, tumbled stones. gemstones..


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