2022 Fiesta of Gems

July 16 – 17 concluded our 59th annual Culver City Rock & Mineral Club Fiesta of Gems show. This year’s theme was AMAZONITE

Fiesta of Gems is an annual event to introduce the community to minerals, gems, earth sciences and the art of jewelry making. We offer jewelry making and lapidary demonstrations, jewelry making classes, and children’s programs. This event helps to support community programs which introduce, educate, challenge, and inspire elementary students in Earth Science activities and provides donations to the Culver City Boy Scouts, Troop 113, and the Culver City Senior Center.

  • Free admission
  • Children’s games – Kid’s Zone
  • Door Prizes
  • Grand Prize Drawing
  • Over 30 Gem and Jewelry Dealers
  • Book Sales
  • Tool Dealers

Date & Location


July 16 – 17, 2022

Saturday, July 16, 10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday, July 17, 10 AM – 5 PM


Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium

4117 Overland Blvd,

Culver City, CA 9023


Each year volunteer demonstrators share tips and techniques on a variety of topics.

Christopher AnthonyStone carving and lapidary skills demonstration
Gemologist Cathy DavisFree gemstone identification for all fiesta of gems guests
Janie DuncanRock-it science, hands-on geologic wonders
Jewel City BeadsDemonstrating various techniques in jewelry making
Nicholas Gessler (Meteorites)
Space rock expert presenting a variety of meteorites from around the world
Phil Lahr (Pasadena Lapidary Society)Demonstrating the process of cabochon making from preform slabs
Robby ShearonWire wrapping
The Bead Society of Los AngelesBead society membership information
Culver City Rock & Mineral Club (on the stage) Membership information


Over 30 dealers! To contact the Dealer Chair, email dealerchair@culvercityrocks.org

Art by Linda Queally
Cultured pearls, gems and minerals from Mexico such as Fire Opal and Amethyst, art jewelry and mermaid items. Photography, prints, and canvas painting
Blackstone LapidaryHigh quality lapidary slabs from around the world specializing in high grade dinosaur gem bone
Buddha Gems and Minerals
Mine direct minerals and specimens from the Himalayas and Nepal. Rocks and minerals from Nepal including Chlorite Quartz, Aquamarine, Sapphire, and Ruby.
Cam’s Crystal Gallery
Spectacular crystal and mineral specimens.
Dragon Minerals
Mineral specimens and related items.
Empire Gems International
Mine direct minerals from Pakistan, mineral specimens, rough gemstones, beads, faceted gems, and jewelry.
Fossils MCFossils, minerals
Gabriel Mosesson Jewelry
Ethiopian Opal, rough Opal, Emerald, polished Opal specimens, Opal jewelry.
Geode Treasure Hunt
Is or isn’t there crystals – geode cutting. A portion of the proceeds benefit local schools and senior programs.
Gerard Pope Gems and JewelryGemstones. mineral specimens, jewelry.
Grab Bag Gulch
Bargain priced bags of tumble polished precious and semi precious stones. A portion of the proceeds benefit local schools and senior programs.
H & M Minerals
Wide variety of Moroccan fossils, minerals and specimens and decor, tumbled stones
Jade Shaper
California Jade & Big Sur Nephrite Jade, rough, carved, slabs, sculpture and artisan jewelry
JBL MineralsQuality Minerals and Natural Turquoise Rough.
Jeremy BergMineral specimens from around the world.
Jewel City BeadsLapidary slabs, rough rock, finished specimens, apparel
JPK StudioHan wrought silver jewelry, cabochons, and stone slabs.
Lasco Diamond Products, Inc.
Rotary tools, carving diamond burs, diamond drills, diamond core drills, polishing grits and other rotary tools for lapidary and jewelry.
Laser Art Glass CorpCalifornia Mine owners, Petrified wood, dichroic minerals, mineral specimens, Tourmaline and Pegmatites from California.
Majesta A-Z Jewelry Supply
Jewelry chain, findings, Ameritool Dealer, tools, bezels, sheet, vendor supplies, Amethyst.
Mayer Morchy & AssociatesPrecious and semi precious loose gemstones, Finish and semi mount jewelry in god and silver. Minerals and specimens, including wide selection of “gemy” rough rock. Great selection of tourmaline, both cut and raw.
Nevada Book and Mineral CompanyMeteorites, mineral books, specimens and educational kits
Parallel Power ProductsOrgone and semi-precious resin goods, mineral specimens, science education products, petrified wood, rockhounding books
Prentiss CampbellFacet rough, cabbing material, Australian Opal, cut stones, jade and Mineral Specimens
RockBelly Minerals
Mineral specimens, polished stones, display stones from around the world
Rock N SpheresSpheres cut and made in California, high quality slabs, Bismuth, Amethyst and mineral specimens.
SamstoneMine direct Malachite, mineral specimens, carvings, beads, Pearls, Amethyst and gift items.
Sorceress And The Stone
Crystals, handcrafted jewelry, crystal adorned art.
Tourmaline Source
Natural gemstones, faceted, cabochons for jewelry making, Tourmaline, Quartz crystals, mineral specimens, handmade jewelry.
Wajia GemsRough rubies, Emeralds, Peridot, Tourmaline, Lapis, Heliodor, Golden Beryl, Diamond, Quartz, Lapis beads.
Wonder Works
Minerals, fossils, beads, tumbled stones. gemstones.

Press Information & Releases

Fiesta of Gems 2022

July 16 – 17, 2022

Saturday, July 16, 10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday, July 17, 10 AM – 5 PM

Event Information

Fact Sheet – Fiesta of Gems

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