Membership to the Culver City Rock & Mineral Club is open to anyone regardless of age or place of residence.   Junior members (young people under the age of 18) must be sponsored by a parent, guardian, or member in good standing, and must be accompanied to meetings and on field trips by an adult member.

Membership includes lots of benefits

To become a member, fill in our membership application and mail it along with your check for (a one-time) initiation and the current year's dues to the address listed on the form. You can also attend one of our monthly meetings and sign up there.

Membership fees are yearly dues for the period January 1 through December 31st. Renewal of membership is due January 1st every year. For new members joining after July 1st, there is a discounted membership fee for the first membership year ending December 31st.

  One Time Initiation Fee Yearly Membership New members joining after July 1st
Two persons, same address
Juniors (Under age 18)

The extremely affordable membership dues barely cover the cost of printing and mailing The Nugget. Membership participation in keeping the club afloat is crucial, and to that end, we ask you to help out whenever you can. One of the ways is to purchase raffle tickets for prizes at the annual Fiesta of Gems show in July. For the 2019 show, over 60% of our members purchased lottery tickets. We are aiming for 100% for the 2020 show. Another way is to donate prizes to our silent auctions.

In addition, we always need volunteeers at our functions. The largest amount of help is always needed for the Fiesta of Gems, but there are also many other occasions where members' participation is needed.

Current members who want to renew their membership by mail can download the Membership Application and mail it with their check.

The Membership Application and Bylaws are PDF files, if you do not have PDF, get it here